Form & Function

Sold Out

  • Type: Club Night
  • Venue: Wire, 2-8 Call Ln, City Centre, Leeds LS1 6DN
  • City: Leeds
  • Date: 28 Oct 2016
  • Time: 10.00pm

Marcel Dettmann 


Call Super

Laurel Halo

Tickets: £15.00

One of the UK’s finest small clubs, Wire, has joined forces with Red Bull Music Academy to transplant a collection of true techno giants into their intimate club space. Among Berlin's Berghain resident DJs, Marcel Dettmann has become a master of spinning dark, utterly transcendent music. He will be joined by a trio of uncompromising, often willfully experimental producers, Laurel Halo, Objekt and Call Super, each presenting their sound in a boundary- and body-pushing session.